The joy of italian life

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Fresh bread dipped into golden drops of pure extra virgin olive oil. Symbolic cities. Natural views. The Tuscan sun. The perfect espresso...

Welcome to Italy.
The beauty of Italy doesn’t only reside in its landscapes, but also in its lifestyle.
The Italian culture is renowned worldwide. True Italian beauty is a real, passionate and genuine concept of reference; it is the ability to live life calmly while enjoying the splendor of the surrounding nature.
We celebrate biodiversity.
Italy is full of resources. It is the European country with the highest number of plant species and density.
It has a rich biodiversity due to the different biogeographical regions: from the Alps to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, from the plains of Northern Italy to the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea.
All these attributes contribute in differentiating its climate, topography and geology and in making it a one of a kind and unmistakable environment.