We celebrate the beauty of Italianness, a concept characteristic of a lifestyle renowned worldwide. We formulate truly natural skincare products: 100% vegan creams, serums and oils, free of silicones, phthalates and animal testing.

We enhance the quality and effectiveness of our beauty line by focusing on the properties of essential products and by providing visible results, while simplifying the daily routine.

All-round inclusiveness. We think of everyone: women and men of different ages and skin types.

The Le Lumie range of products is reminiscent of care, innovation and respect: for people, nature and the Planet.


Our values are inspired by:


Our main ingredients originate from Italy, a significant source of inspiration and resources, and are combined with others from distant lands to complete the range of nutrients.

Our products are made using natural ingredients, in full respect of the environment.
Our packaging consists of fully recyclable bottles and jars. Our containers are made using 90% of glass recycled from wine bottles. The cardboard boxes are manufactured using plant and fruit waste.

Also essential for use: few selected products to meet every need of the beauty routine. Quick and easy self-care, the pleasure of dedicating time for ourselves.



Le Lumie is a project born out of a friendship.
We are Tina and Valeria, two lawyers who met while working for a pharmaceutical firm. We quickly realized we shared a passion for beauty and skin care.

We decided to pursue our passion and to follow our dream by focusing on innovation and research to achieve skincare products inspired by the Italian lifestyle.

Our Le Lumie project, dedicated to effective skincare, finally came to life in 2020, thanks to the know-how of Tina’s family business, which was committed to the production of food supplements and curative cosmetics while relying on the involvement of local research centers and universities.

“A beauty routine should be as nutritious and as enjoyable as a fantastic meal, glass of wine or wonderful trip to a place you always longed to visit.” Tina

“Our products are intended to provide you with a small moment of daily self-care. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and beautiful at any age”. Valeria

Tina and Valeria