We ship worldwide

We ship worldwide

Celebrating Italy

Fresh bread dipped in golden drips of the purest extra virgin olive oil. Landmark cities. Coastal hotspots. The Tuscan sun. The perfect espresso…

Benvenuto in Italia.
Le Lumie is an indulgence in the beautiful active ingredients offered by local Italian ecosystems.

Slow living

Slow beauty

Slow aging

Our Story

Le Lumie evolved out of Tina and Valeria’s friendship and love for their Sicilian roots.

It was launched in 2021 and champions a slow, sustainable and effective approach to beauty and self-care.

Each product is expertly created to enhance your self-care rituals and to bring a little bit of the Italian way of life into your homes and beauty routines.

Celebrating biodiversity

Italy is extremely rich in biodiversity. It has the highest number and density of both animal and plant species within the European Union, as well as many species that can’t be found elsewhere in the world.

This rich biodiversity is largely due to its range of biogeographic regions: From the Alps to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, the plains of northern Italy and the unparalleled coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.

Slow Living Beauty Aging

At Le Lumie we believe in slow beauty. We focus on producing quality products over quantityour ingredients are kind to skin, kind to the environment and help us to be kinder to ourselves.

What’s more, they genuinely work to give visible results.
The pairing of traditional botanicals with innovation is key to slowing down the signs of aging, which are impacted by pollution, stress, and the overuse and misuse of ‘fast’ beauty offerings.

We embrace aging gracefully with integrity and by using natural-based products to help along the way.