We ship worldwide

We ship worldwide

Sustainable Beauty

Le Lumie is a mix of modern and new, bridging the gap between natural, sustainable beauty and luxurious, effective skincare solutions.

Innovation and Research

We strive to bring the highest quality, Italian-grown ingredients to luxurious skincare solutions that really work.

We have partnered with Italy’s leading research centers to develop innovative antioxidants and sustainable agri-ingredients.

Within our formulas, we use both nanotechnology and encapsulation technology to make our skincare work harder. They improve the penetration of active ingredients and help to deliver them exactly where our skin needs them the most.

Natural and Upcycled Ingredients

Our goal is to use as many natural, sustainable and locally-grown ingredients as possible in our formulations. What’s more, we upcycle the food waste from biological agriculture to extract many of our active ingredients and we intend to increase this number in time.

Currently, we include over 83% natural ingredients in our products and over 50% of these are grown in Italy- innovative formulas enriched with, among the others, olive oil, apple stem cells, prickly pear plant extract and enhanced resveratrol.

A blend of active ingredients designed to penetrate deeply, helping your skin to stay young and radiant.
Our formulas are all 100% vegan, free-from silicones, phthalates and animal-testing too.

Recycled and Eco-Responsible Packaging

Our skincare is housed in 100% recyclable bottles and vases made out of 90% recycled glass from wine bottles.

All outer cardboard boxes are crafted from the waste of lemons. Using this organic waste is a much more eco-friendly option compared to traditional paper pulp solely sourced from trees.

It reduces the environmental impact on climate change by up to 9%.